Frank Nicklas
Electrical Engineer (PhD), Industrial Engineer
17.11.60 born in Eschede, Germany (Lower Saxony)

08.67 - 07.71 Primary School Eschede
08.71 - 05.80 Hölty-Gymnasium Celle, final mark 1.8
06.80 - 09.80 basic practice, Osthannoversche Eisenbahnen AG (railway company)
03.85 - 09.85 development of emergency power supply, mefenic GmbH, Hanover
10.80 - 09.82 serving as a contract soldier, speaker of the men of confidence
10.82 - 05.88 electronic engineering at Hanover University, Diploma in Engineering main subjects: communications and RF engineering, amoung the 10% fastest of the class
09.93 - 01.99 industrial engineering at "Fernuniversität" Hagen, main subject: marketing of capital goods
05.88 - 04.93 scientist at Institute for Electrothermal Process Technology, Hanover activation of a new research area, acquisition of fundings
12.92 PhD mark 1.0, first PhD at the institute faster than 5 years
05.93 - 10.94 design engineer and project manager for circulators*) with Philips GmbH Röhren- und Halbleiterwerke (RHW), Hamburg
11.94 - 06.97 engineering manager for circulators*) with Philips RHW, Hamburg drastical reduction of time-to-market, significant business activation establishing of regular production transfers to far east cooperation with software partners in Eastern Europe
07.97 - 07.00 project manager with Radermacher & Partner GmbH, Munich main subject: business processes in industry
08.00 - 12.04 manager with LOGIKA AG, Munich
since 01.05 free consultant and interim manager
English: negotiation level
Russian: school knowledge
*) - Circulators are subsystems for mobile phone base stations